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Heat Management

Eclipse Automation has refined heat management for large electric heating loads like infra-red patio heaters and snow melting heat trace cable. This is achieved through the design and production of UL listed industrial relay panels to regulate output, automate durations and save energy.

Heat trace management is achieved by controlling when electric cable heating snow melt systems work and for how long. These loads are built into the home dimming system with specially designed relay panels and programmed to operate when you want them to and turn off when you don't. Our heat trace management systems conserve energy, extend the life of heating cables and save you money along the way. 


Infra-red heater controls are designed to regulate output of large patio and deck heaters just like dimming a lightbulb. Smart programming insures that you never leave the heaters on by accident. This combination of features gives you the ultimate control of your outdoor living climate by allowing you to set the perfect comfort level and trim the cost of operation.

Heat Trace Management Protects Your Investment While Reducing Energy Costs

Infra-red Heater Control For The Perfect Outdoor Temperature and Peace Of Mind 

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